Don't Be Ashamed....Instagram that Food!

Don’t be Ashamed…Instagram that Food!

Nowadays even brunch at the local diner has become instaworthy and don’t even think about breaking my yolk before I get that picture of me doing the “salt bae” over them unless you are doing a boomerang, then it’s alright, break away. Some cringe at the thought of taking the perfect picture of hashbrowns (I used to be one of those people), but now I say take out your phones, put on the flash, get that perfect angle and filter away!

1 billion. That is the number of users that use Instagram every month. That is more that 1/8th of the world’s population. It is stats like this that have us living in the golden age of food and have us snapping pics worldwide of everything we inhale.

These are the captures that make the mom and pop pizza shop down some shady alleyway in Naples famous, the old lady who makes the best Khao Soi in Chang Mai able to pay for her granddaughter’s education and the up and coming 20 something fulfill their dream. Why should we socially not allow this to happen?

Of course some would argue that because of this forget about dining at Noma while in Copenhagen or Gaggan in Thailand…what about Mirazur, which was recently named the number one restaurant in the world, no way! But what about having access to hidden gems a mere pocket pull away that don’t cost $400 a head for the tasting menu, do you really want those freshly foraged mushrooms from the forbidden forest anyway? Food pics, location settings and wifi at the starbucks while you wait for your skinny London fog make this all very possible.

So I say snap away and the next time you roll your eyes at that instagrammer wanting the perfect pic of of the latte art in the shape of a one legged unicorn flying over a rainbow …embrace it because you will undoubtedly tell your favourite travel buddy while in Spain this summer, “we have to try this new place that everyone is raving about!”…just don’t forget to footnote Instagram. (AJ)