Meet Ali Jadavji, MasterChef Canada Finalist

Hi! My name is Ali Jadavji and I am the owner and founder of The Kinetic YYC. I was born in Toronto, and have grown up in Calgary since the age of 5.

My fascination with food started with the classic Indian sweet, Gulab Jaman. As a young child, I remember my mom trying to shoo me away from the stove while she was frying dough and placing it in sugar water. Watching the small pieces of dough absorb water and swell up into large balls was mesmerizing, I thought my mom was a magician.It was moments like this and a lifetime full of food adventures and memories that led me to create The Kinetic YYC.

This passion eventually led to a whole other platform – being a finalist on MasterChef Canada –  a competitive cooking reality show, designed to identify talented home chefs; no participants are allowed to be professionally trained.

My father is from Moshi, Tanzania, and mother, from Karachi, Pakistan and both brought their unique cultural influences to my upbringing. Add to that, my father’s travel-intensive job, exposed me to a variety of cultures and cuisines throughout my childhood and teenage years. This not only gave me an adventurous palate but also nurtured my culinary creativity and passion to fuse cultures through food.

Calgary has a growing and diverse food scene that I want to grow and expand with, and I am hoping to do that through The Kinetic YYC.  The aim is to provide fresh, home-cooked meals that are perfect for individuals who are busy, on the go or simply just want a meal that they can come home to and just heat and eat.