Charred Corn and Black Bean Salad

Charred Corn and Black Bean Salad





-       2 to 3 ears of corn
-       can of black beans (washed)
-       lime
-       protein of choice (I used turkey sausage)
-       cotija cheese
-       cilantro
-       sour cream
-       tortilla chips/crisps
-       taco seasoning
-       salt
-       avocado


- Start by husking the corn and placing in microwave for 3m 30 seconds, BBQ the corn after it has come out of the microwave until the kernels start to get a nice char on them

- Drain the black beans and wash in a colander, place into a large mixing bowl

- Dice the avocado and place into same mixing bowl as black beans

- Cook the desired protein of your choice using taco seasoning, once cool place into the same mixing bowl

- Crumble the cojita cheese into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients

- Zest a lime into the ingredients and then cut the same lime in half and juice into the mixture

- Cut up cilantro if it doesn't taste like soap to you and mix into the bowl.

- Take 2 T of sour cream and mix thoroughly until it gets a little runny, add in some chipotle hot sauce and salt.

- Mix the rest of the ingredients thoroughly and plate

- Use the sour cream chipotle mixture as dressing

- Crumble tortilla chips or crisps onto the top of salad

- Devour